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Private detective: surveillance of minors

The surveillance of minors is essential in an age where dangers have evolved and multiplied, especially in such a connected and constantly changing world.

Today, children and teenagers face new threats that were non-existent just a few decades ago. They navigate between digital risks such as cyber-bullying and online predators, and physical threats such as unwanted company and various risky situations.

In this context, my job as a private investigator is to identify and assess potential threats to your children.

Thanks to my expertise and rigorous methodology, I provide discreet supervision, monitoring their frequent visits, their online activities and their environment during stays at the other parent's home, if this is the case.

"To watch over a child is to protect his future by thwarting the shadows of the present."

The main reasons for requesting surveillance of a minor child :

Surveillance of a minor child by a private investigator.
  • Bad company: illicit or risky activities.
  • School problems: bullying, absences.
  • Online activities: cyberstalking, predators.
  • Childcare: environment during visits.
  • Mental health: emotional well-being, disorders.
  • Narcotics use: drugs of all kinds.

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