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Private investigator based in Geneva - Switzerland

Individuals & Professionals

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Geneva-based private detective: investigations carried out with the utmost discretion and confidentiality to solve your case

The AGOP private detective agency is licensed by the Republic and Canton of Geneva (law on intermediary agents of May 20, 1950).

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Clear & Precise Reporting


Private Investigator in Switzerland for Individuals

Marital Affairs

Family Affairs

Private Affairs

Private Investigator in Switzerland for Individuals

* non-exhaustive list. For all other requests, please contact AGOP.

Premarital Survey
Morality Survey
Lifestyle Check
Sentimental Scam
Abuse of Weakness
Alimony and Child Support
Compensatory Allowance
Child Care
Supervision of Minors
↣ Address Identification
Double Life
↣ Sectarian Aberrations
Children's Attendance
↣ Solvency Survey
↣ Civil Litigation and Disputes
↣ Missing Persons


Private Investigator in Switzerland for Professionals

Companies in All Sectors


Law Firms

Property Management

Private Insurance

Private detective for professionals

* non-exhaustive list. For all other requests, please contact AGOP.

↣ Unfair Competition
Corporate Infiltration
↣ Corporate Theft
↣ Salary Survey
↣ Abusive Sick Leave
↣ Undeclared Work
↣ Harassment
↣ Pre-employment Survey
↣ CV Check
↣ Morality Survey
↣ Search for Debtors
Record of Domiciliation
↣ Unauthorized Subletting
↣ Insurance Fraud
↣ Verification of Testimonials
↣ People Search
↣ Identification of Persons
↣ Counterfeits
↣ Solvency Survey
↣ Verification of Lifestyle
↣ Mystery Shopper Survey

Bringing the Truth to Light

As a private investigator in Geneva, I offer my services to both private individuals and professionals (companies, banks, law firms, real estate agencies, insurance companies).

I specialize mainly in field investigations: tailing, observation, surveillance, whatever the means of transport used.

Depending on the complexity of the case, I work alone or as part of a team with equally experienced detectives (men and women).

I operate both in Switzerland and abroad. If necessary, I only work with serious, qualified detectives from the country or countries involved in the investigation.

The results of my surveys are presented in concise, precise reports, accompanied by high-quality photographs, to give you a clear view of your business.

AGOP : private detective in Geneva. Investigations

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