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Geneva-based private investigator

Private investigation falls into several categories, each requiring specialized detectives. These specialities include :

  • Cybercrime
  • Financial investigations
  • Commercial information
  • Business intelligence
  • The terrain

Personally, I fall into the latter category. As an OPERATIONALINTELLIGENCEOFFICER, my area of expertise focuses mainly on field investigations, but also encompasses online investigations.

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AGOP: AGent OPérationnel

Over 25 years in police and private security

My rich and varied career has enabled me to master all aspects of investigation, from information gathering to meticulous analysis of the facts.

Among my most significant experiences, I spent a decade with the Protection Service as a security officer. This period saw me travel the world, honing my skills in a variety of environments and managing high-pressure situations with efficiency and discretion.

Continuing in this vein, I spent another decade in Geneva, working with leading clients in the private security sector. This experience further strengthened my keen sense of professionalism, and enabled me to optimize my ability to provide the highest quality investigative services.

The skills I have developed throughout my career now enable me to effectively manage a wide variety of complex situations.

to get the truth across to you by means of concrete, indisputable evidence.

Professional certification

AGOP private detective agency draws its strength from EYESBERG trainingone of the best schools in Switzerland for training operational intelligence agents. This certification enables AGOP to provide a highly qualified investigation service tailored to your needs.

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